Interview: Renata Rae -Ambassador for the “KNOW Book & Tribe” Edmonton

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Today’s episode is an interview with Renata, one of the three amazing women responsible as brand ambassadors for bringing The KNOW Book & Tribe project to Edmonton!

Listen Online Here!! 

The KNOW Book is a bit of a whose who of major boss babes!

The first volume launches June 21st 2019!

It will feature almost 100 local bad asses!


As an included member it is my absolute honor to spend some time around this project and hopefully provide a bit of insight and buzz as this is one of the coolest projects I’ve come across in a long time! And it’s all about women supporting other women!

You can visit the website:

Also nominate your network’s best babes for Volume 2 Coming 2020!!!

Nominations will open in October!


You can also check out The Know Societe Online as well.
This is a monthly pay subscription to online training, resources and education!
Once you join – hop into the Facebook group! 

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