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Self Discovery Journal Prompts

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Sometimes life gets out of control – you are juggling a million things at the same time while trying to keep your head above water and make it seem like you have everything together. In the midst of the chaos, it’s easy to lose your sense of self and forget who you truly are. I

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Distinguishing Between Wants and Needs

Learn the difference to live a happy, fulfilled, and frugal life The trick to investing, saving money, and reaching your financial goals is to make sure you’re wisely balancing your long-term needs and your short-term wants to allow you live well, but frugally, and find joy and contentment in life. There is no formula for that as only

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Saving $10 A Day Has Never Been Easier!

01  Delay Impulse Shopping   Itching to make the purchase now? Go home and think about it. Give yourself 24 hours to decide if you really need the item. 72 hours is even better. You’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars this way. The impulse to buy is just that–an impulse in most cases. 02.  Look

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Interview: Renata Rae -Ambassador for the “KNOW Book & Tribe” Edmonton

Today’s episode is an interview with Renata, one of the three amazing women responsible as brand ambassadors for bringing “The KNOW Book & Tribe“ project to Edmonton! Listen Online Here!!  The KNOW Book is a bit of a whose who of major boss babes! The first volume launches June 21st 2019! It will feature almost

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Budget Marketing & Cash Flow Strategies!

When it comes to budgeting, cash-flow and spending your money in a smart and efficient manner, these two are here to help with some easy master-level strategies for your business! Featuring: Scott from SOS Marketing  Featuring: Mitch from Mitch Cammidge Coaching We are on a full blown budgeting kick this week and next so stay

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